Annual Training Workshops for State Members

Program Update: Annual Training Workshops for State Members


The objectives of this year’s workshop are to review the wildlife disease surveillance plans that we created last year, and to work through some disease scenarios in order to finalize the nuts and bolts of the plans. The overarching goal is to generate working documents that are actively referred to by agency staff, and that can be distributed to collaborating organizations and agencies in each state. To this end, we will review the priority tables created at last year's workshops during the first part of this year's. During the second part of the workshop, we will review some actual disease scenarios in order to solidify the surveillance plans. The scenarios will focus on significant categories of mortality events and will emphasize the important role of internal and external notification plans, as well as the importance of recording all relevant information pertaining to a mortality incident. This year's workshops will be held on June 1 (NH), June 22 & 23 (DE & NJ), June 27 (CT), June 30 (MA), and July 27 & 28 (VT & ME).