New NWDC Website


The website has “public-facing” content that anyone can access. For example: 1) on the About page, we have mapped and listed each Member State and Participating Lab; 2) on the News tab, we have excerpted articles from the newsletters and put them here as a news feed; 3) under the Research tab are the current research projects that either arose from NWDC cases or are based on Member needs and support (e.g. the ELISA test for P. tenuis); 4) Resources tab includes Disease Fact Sheets, Quarterly Newsletters, and information on our (new) Wildlife Tissue Biobank. We will upload additional Fact Sheets and, so stay tuned to that tab in the coming weeks.

The website also has “Members Only” content, which consists of: 1) Sample Submission tab – instructions on sample submission and a direct link to the online submission form; 2) NWDC Wildlife Disease Database tab – instructions on how to access the database; 3) Case Studies – These are taken from the newsletters and represent both the Field and Pathology Lab cases; 4) Resource Library – this page is still in progress, but will be populated with the presentations and handouts provided at previous workshops, as well as training videos and other educational materials.