NWDC Presentation at NEPARC Meeting

News: NWDC Presentation at NEPARC Meeting

Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, Wildlife Division


Julie Ellis and Jenny Dickson (Supervising Wildlife Biologist, CT DEEP) co-authored the talk “The Northeast Wildlife Disease Cooperative: Working With Biologists to Conserve Reptiles and Amphibians in the Region,” which Dickson gave at the 2018 meeting of NEPARC held at Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts July 31 – August 2. As part of our presentation, Jenny discussed a draft outline of recommendations for handling herpetofauna in rehabilitation facilities, including the following: a rehab intake decision tree, biosecurity considerations during rehab, and protocols for release of animals. We will finalize these and other recommendations for captive herps in the coming year, in collaboration with state and federal agency partners and NEPARC.