Special Symposium at the Annual NEAFWA Conference

News: Special Symposium at the Annual NEAFWA Conference


NWDC and the Cornell Wildlife Health Lab organized a special symposium, “Ongoing and Emerging Threats to Wildlife Health in the Northeast,” at the 74th Annual Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference (April 15-17, 2018, Burlington, Vermont). We had an outstanding group of speakers who presented on the following topics during the morning session on Tuesday, April 17. Several of the presentations were products of collaborations between NWDC Members and participating diagnostic labs.

8:00 Not just influenza virus: The emergence of novel orthomyxoviruses in the USA associated with morbidity and mortality in wildlife and humans (Andrew Allison, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine)

8:20 Perkinsus-like infection in amphibians - an emerging disease? (Maria Forzan, Cornell University)

8:40 Infection with a divergent clade of canine distemper virus in ten mesocarnivores in New Hampshire and Vermont from 2016-2017 (David Needle, New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Lab)

9:00 Meet the new kid on the block: hemorrhagic disease of deer (Mark Ruder, Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, University of Georgia)

9:20 New York’s Adirondacks moose population health metrics (Krysten Schuler, Cornell)

10:20 Sources of mortality for bald eagles in New York State (Kevin Hy nes, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)

10:40 Naturally occurring diseases in the Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis) population of Maine (Brian Stevens, NHVDL)

11:00 Diagnosing the cause of mange in black bears (Ursus americanus) in Pennsylvania (Justin Brown, Pennsylvania Game Commission)