Virtual Wildlife Sample Biobank

The Challenge: obtaining samples for research on diseases of wild animals

For scientists interested in working on wildlife diseases, often the biggest challenge and expense is collecting and sampling wild animals in the field. Tissue samples from previous research efforts of others may be an important, even critical, resource. Researchers are often willing to share their stored samples with others; but, the existence of such samples is often unknown outside of the organization that originally collected them. This gap results in lost opportunities and creates significant inefficiencies, such as duplication and unnecessary sample collection.

A Solution: virtual wildlife sample database 

We addressed this issue by creating a virtual wildlife sample database populated with information provided by wildlife agencies and university researchers in the Northeast. This virtual biobank enables researchers to access historical samples to screen for known and novel pathogens, retrospectively analyze disease emergence, and conduct analyses using new analytical techniques.

If you are a researcher interested in potentially using samples represented in the virtual database, please Contact Us.